Update: Flask+Coverage

Update: Flask+Coverage Analysis

In a previous post I demonstrated how to get coverage analysis working for a Flask web application in a relatively simple manner. In the section "At then end of your tests" I stated that you needed your tests to clean-up by telling the server to shutdown. The end of your test code would look something like this:


This could have made things a little fiddly since your test code would have to make sure to access the shutdown route exactly once, regardless of how many tests were run.

However, I realised that we could remove the burden from the test code by simply doing this in manage.py file.

Updated manage.py

Previously, we had the following code within our manage.py script within the run_with_test_server method:

test_process = subprocess.Popen(test_command)
server_return_code = server.wait(timeout=60)

We now update this to be:

test_process = subprocess.Popen(test_command)
port = application.config['TEST_SERVER_PORT']
shutdown_url = 'http://localhost:{}/shutdown'.format(port)
response = urllib.request.urlopen(shutdown_url)
server_return_code = server.wait(timeout=60)

Doing so means you can just write your tests without any need to worry about shutting down the server. The example repository has been appropriately updated.


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